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Filter Tank Done and It’s All Worth the Hard Work!

Today, we are still gonna talk about aquaponics. Do you know that aquaponics system is very environmentally sound? The water consumption in aquaponics system is significantly less than the traditional growth methods. Here’s another update on my aquaponics system Aquaponics Update

With 30 sacks of stones, I was able to get my filter tank done. Thanks to Dandan who helped me carry those sacks of stones to the backyard farm. So, the filter tank is filled with stones and on top, we will grow some lettuce. I’m even planning to grow tomatoes, okra and string beans. This filter tank will help us get a cleaner and clearer water in our tank. If you guys are having a hard time getting a cleaner and clearer water in the tank, read on as I share some tips that I have proven to be effective for me.

Growing kangkong are now very visible
These are the sacks of stone for the filter tank

In our filter tank, it is necessary to install a good submersible pump. The one I am using is an 80 watts pump. So, basically, the tube of this pump will siphon the water from the tank where the fishes are, then brings the water to the filter tank passing through the PVC pipe installed in the filter tank. The water that goes into the PVC pipe will be filtered through the stones and then goes back to the tank of the fishes cleaner and clearer.

I am using this 80 Watts submersible pump for the filter tank. I decided to use this bigger pump as I have been getting advises from our readers and viewers to use a bigger pump to be able to have a cleaner water
This is now the finished filter tank. We still need to add more stones in here and later on we will be planting lettuce here
Flowing water from the filter tank goes back to the tank of the fishes and the cycle goes on and on

With this kind of filtration system, we can be assured that our fishes get the right quality of water they need to grow healthy and reproduce their kind. Additionally, I will have more time doing other things because I will no longer do the changing of water in the tank from time to time since the filter tank is enough to keep the water clean. Constructing a filter tank like this entails a lot of preparation and effort to do but after all, who would not be glad of the outcome? True enough, it’s worth all the hard work and sacrifice.

If you have started constructing your own filter tank, please share with us your experiences and success stories too. I’m pretty sure our readers will find them helpful and relevant. Until next time guys, keep posted!

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