Seedlings are Now Ready- An Update

Aquaponics has been one of the topics in my blogs lately. You were aware how this system is of such help not just to our fishes but even to us as well. We benefit from the kind of plants we propagate. If you have read my previous blogs on aquaponics, here is an update Aquaponics Update.

For the information of everyone, few days ago we have made a seed bed for our desired seedlings to propagate. The same day as well that we started planting the seeds and I left everyone a promise that I’m going to make an update when the seeds grow and ready to be planted in the aquaponic system. So this blog is the fulfillment of that promise, read on so you’ll be updated and get some ideas that might be of help to you.

The seedlings are growing fast, it was just four days ago that we started planting seeds. The grown seedlings now are transferred and planted individually to a do-it-yourself pot made of banana leaves with soil in it (see video for specific detail). After a week, we’re gonna transfer the seedlings again to individual plastic cups with coco coir and soil in it. Of course the preparation takes a lot of patience because you have to make pot for every seedling and there are a hundred or even more seedlings in one seed bed. Good thing, I have some people whom I can ask help from when the work seems so demanding.

We have also full grown lettuce on the side of the tank, you can see it in the vlog too. They are growing healthy given that their roots are soaked in the water with which they receive nutrients from the wastes of the fish. These lettuce are just three weeks old and yes, they are ready for salad. In some part of the backyard farm, we also have vegetable vines. I’m happy to say that all these vegetables are organic, very safe and delicious.

That’s the beauty of having a backyard garden such as this. We can just pick fresh vegetables anytime we want to eat or cook. I hope you guys have learned something today, and may this blog inspire you to do your own aquaponic system at home as well. What is it that hinders you from starting one? Share them here so other readers could also help you out.

Thanks for taking time to read. Have a great day!

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