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What Comes After the Completion of our Fish Tank Project?

With the completion of our new fish tank project comes another task of maintaining them and the water quality. More so the fish that occupy the tanks. For the information of our readers and viewers, we are now working on the filtration system of our new tanks.

See the improvement of the filtration system project in the vlog we made.

In photo is the almost done set-up of tubes in our filtration system

The tanks has already been filled with water and we have placed our fish in there. Despite the proper tank maintenance, one of our fish tanks does not indicate a good water quality. This is because the fish are on the surface of the water instead of being in the bottom. With this, we have concluded that the tank lacks oxygen, thus, we will be providing a good aeration at the bottom.

These fish on the surface of the water indicates that the tank lacks oxygen

Have you experienced the same? Don’t take this lightly, as this is not a good indication and might lead to death of the fish. There are lots of ways we can provide enough oxygen in our tank, let me take you through the various options and you can decide which method will work the best for you;

AIR PUMP and AIRSTONE. This setup supplies your fish with the oxygen that they need, but does nothing to remove contaminants from your tank.

POWERHEAD. A powerhead is basically a submersible motor that is generally mounted on the side or the back of the aquarium or tank. It jets the water into the tank, circulating the water and adding a bit of oxygen to it by means of an attached air hose. Like the air pump, this system does no filtration, but it does create a current and prevents some of the sediments from settling at the bottom of your tank.

The most common option is the simple “hang on the back” filter. This type of filter contains a small electrical motor that siphons water out of your tank and into the filter body, where it runs through a cloth or sponge filter pad, and then trickles back into the tank like a waterfall.

All of these systems and a lot more (in the internet) will do the job, so you’ll have to figure out which of these options works best for you. Some aquarists even employ two or three options in the same tank so they have a back up if one of them fails. Start with the cheapest option, and work your way up. Your fish will thank you!

Share your experiences with us and leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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