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Basics in Reproducing Balloon Molly

Balloon Mollies are among the beautiful fishes. They have an arched back with rounded, large belly, with a lyre-shaped caudal fin that makes them very unique in shape.

Petting and reproducing balloon mollies is not that difficult at all if you have the right food, proper tank size and the water quality condition is maintained. In the pet store, these fishes are one of the most in demand pets.

Balloon Mollies are peaceful in nature and are compatible with other fishes. But they have to be separated form their young since they have tendencies to eat their kind. It is easy to massively reproduce them since a female breeder can reproduce 40-50 tiny babies.

Their best tank mates could be:

  • Guppies
  • Platyfish
  • Some close relative of platyfish like Swordtails
  • Some other species of molly fish
  • Snails and shrimps can also be great tank mate with molly fish.

One thing fish keepers should remember that in breeding fish, having a live plants in the tank can make all the difference in the water condition and the health of the fishes. In the case of the Balloon Mollies, live plants are the very place they can hide.

These baby Balloon Mollies will become adult in 3-4 months period

Feeding Mollies can be easily done.You can find their foods in the local stores. But if you feel they need something different then try adding frozen food in their diet. It will include brine shrimps, blood worms and daphnia. These foods contribute a lot to their growth and development.

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