Producing Dalmatian Molly Out of Cross-breeding

Good day everyone! Starting the day right makes all the difference, so I always make sure my day starts right. I simply choose not to bring those negative feelings and doubts as I make my way to spending a new day. This I do so because I believe God is in control- that’s a secret to stay happy in life.

I’m so excited to show you the produce of cross-breeding. You can watch it here Dalmatian Molly

In this blog, I will share with you another beautiful produce out of cross breeding. You might ask, how do I produce another kind of fish. Well, we have to go through a process of Elimination. Doing so simply means eliminating those fishes that you don’t like to breed, maybe because of their color, body form or their movement. Take note that good breeders are active fishes with no deformities. If you want to achieve different kinds of fish, you can mix- breed them. I am so fascinated about this kind of breeding, having done this for almost 20 years.

The beautiful produce of cross-breeding black, silver mollys and goldas

Cross-breeding different variety of Mollys is such a great experience for me because it turned out very well. It’s my first time to see such result and it’s fascinating indeed!

So you might ask how do I maintain the tank of Molly fish. Actually, Molly fish are not difficult to keep. You just have to be keen enough in the selection of breeders. There are lot more ways to explore and cross-breed not just Molly fishes but even some other variety of fishes too.

For more breeding experiences and practices, please keep posted of our latest blogs.

Just to update you, the seedlings of the vegetables we have planted the other day are starting to come out. More of this too in my future blogs.

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