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Mud Crabs and Milk Fish Farming

Today’s blog is a whole lot difference from our backyard fish farming. An officemate of mine who own a mud crab and milk fish farm gave me an opportunity to see his farm. He gave us a glimpse of how this kind of farming is being operated and I made a vlog on this for everyone.

This is where the crabs are ready for harvest
This is the area where milk fish is cultivated

In my interview with my officemate, I have learned that crabs and milkfish can be put and grow together. After couple of months, they are ready to be harvested. I have also learned that it was Mr. Ituralde’s first time to operate such farm, to propagate and to harvest.

Here are few questions I asked my office mate about;

What kind of food do you give the crabs and milk fish? Fresh fish for the crabs and algae and bread for the milk fish.

How many months from cultivating do you harvest? In 6 months time they can be ready for harvest.

How do you catch the crabs? Using a trap, the tilapia fish which will serve as the bait will be placed inside the trap.

This is what the crab trap looks like

How many milk fish can be accommodated in the pond? Roughly around 1,500.

One crab weighs 1 kilo or more and selling price ranges from P1,500.00- P1,800.00.

Harvesting crabs doesn’t end when they are caught or trapped. They have to be tied so that they will not cause injuries to people who might take a hold of them. Tying them is not just done by anyone else but only those experts inn doing so.

Before bringing the crabs to the buyer or to the market, they are being tied so they won’t harm anyone.

There you have it guys, I hope you have learned something from this blog. I also hope this brought you inspiration to keep on doing what you think would help you and your family for a living. Like Mr. Ituralde, this farm is his source of income aside from his salary as a government employee.

We all want a better kind of life for our family, and it takes a whole lot of courage, wisdom and hard work to get us to our dreams and desires. May everything you do for your family be honored and rewarded. Have a blessed day!

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