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When Passion and Compassion Put Together

Another beautiful day to talk about fish! Because I’m so much delighted and fascinated with fishes, maybe I will never run out of something to share about them. My love for them even led me to doing this vlogging thing in youtube. How about you, where does your passion leads you to?

Today, I’m gonna be sharing with you something about Gold fish and my experience of keeping and breeding this beautiful variety of tropical fish. Read on as I take you to new adventures in fish keeping. You may also take some time to watch the vlog I made about it here Gold Fish Breeding

How do we know the sex of the gold fish? Identifying their sex can be done by simply looking at their pectoral fin located just behind the keels. If the pectoral fin has white on the side, that is an indication of a male goldfish.

By the way, if you can remember Berto, the one I have featured in my previous vlog? He is officially one of the staff now in our backyard farm. He is helping me take care of the fishes. This man is also doing fish keeping but since there is no water yet, he is temporarily employed with me. You guys have been very instrumental in the life of this man. Your support made him and his family so happy. Berto would like to express his deepest gratitude to everyone who extended help and support. I am also grateful from the bottom of my heart for how you guys showed care to Berto and his family. As you can see him, he is really doing well now. He will continue his fish keeping as well so that he could sustain the family’s daily needs.

In photo is Berto and his wife sharing us his heartfelt “thank you” to everyone

It’s just so timely to have him here that our goldfish breeders are already pregnant and even very ready to produce eggs. This I know by just seeing at them and touching their belly. It’s important to put them in a separate tank or container before they lay eggs. Letting them stay in the tank where I transferred them from will not enable them to lay eggs because the tank has old stock of water. New and cleaner water is indeed a major factor to consider in breeding. Of course not to forget the live plants which would help them induce to lay eggs.

Thanks for visiting my blog, please do share with us your breeding experience and adventures too. That might be of help to everyone who has just started the project. Have a great day!

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