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Significant Tips in Harvesting, Bagging and Transferring Fish

Today, we harvested some fishes in the tank and separated the good colored and patterned Kois to make them as future breeders. I vlogged the harvest and you can watch it here Harvesting Fish Tips

Harvesting is not just done the way you want it. There are specifics that we need to follow to be able to have a successful harvest. Let me share you some tips to help you out;

  1. Harvest early in the morning. During noon time, the fish are becoming stress if temperature is really warm
  2. Prepare an oxygen tank. Placing the fish in the plastic bags without oxygen is not a good idea.
  3. Prepare an old stock of water. This old stock water shall be used to fill the tank in.

In fish keeping, I have learned no to put together the carbs, gold fish and mollies. Carps grow faster and putting them together with other fish endangers the smaller fishes since carps will eat them.

In bagging and transferring your fish, make sure the following steps are noted;

  1. Just put little amount of water in the plastic bag. Having more water makes it so heavy to carry
  2. Put some oxygen in the plastic bag
Putting oxygen in the plastic bag
Wonder where the wooden tanks are? I actually took them away. The space here is being prepared for a construction of a concrete tank.

Guys, if you are planning to buy your Japanese Koi, be sure to prepare a good tank first. Buying Japanese Koi without preparing a good tank first might end up, you killing some fishes when they start reproducing because your aquarium or tank might not be good enough for them.

Keep posted guys as I will update you on the progress of our new tank. Thank you for visiting my blog! Have a fruitful week!

For more fish keeping stuff, feel free to visit my website. You might find in there what you need for fish keeping.

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