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The “Must-Not” to Succeed in Fish Breeding

Another beautiful day to all fish breeders and fish passionate out there! We always have something to talk about when it comes to fish farming, thus, I will never run out of ideas and personal experiences to share with you guys.

In today’s blog, we will talk about how I manage to keep variety of fish so healthy and lets them reproduce their kind. As I said, fish breeding requires so much patience and dedication – it needs to be given attention to be successful. If you are running a pet shop business, it is important to breed on your own and not just depend from the sources outside.

Among the breeders that I currently have, I am very fascinated about the swordtail breeders. I always make sure I collect the babies everyday because failing to do so will give their parents the chance to eat them. Swordtail breeders have to be given ample amount of food, you do not let them go hungry or else they will feed themselves with their babies which will lead to failure in the fish production. Lately, I noticed that the cleaner the water in the tank, the more they like to give birth. See? The water quality really matters!

Talking about fish eating their own kind, in the early stage [usually from birth to 1 month old] of Koi fish, they too eat their babies or those smaller than them but this variety of fish do not belong to the group of fish practicing cannibalism. So, to prevent this from happening, we need to separate the bigger Kois from those smaller ones. Catching Kois is not a matter of rushing to get a good catch, instead, do it very carefully and slowly so not to scare them. The bigger Kois when mixed with the smaller ones will become even more bigger because they are getting enough nutrient from the baby kois they are eating.

Does your Koi tank looks like this? Well, I guess it’s about time to separate the bigger Kois from the smaller ones.

If you are breeding live-bearer fish such as Mollys and Swordtail, it is vital to have live plants because these live plants are hiding place of their babies and among the ones I can recommend is the Hornwort plant. I prefer the hornwort aquatic plant because they are hard and the snail could not afford to eat them.

Hornwort aquatic plant

There is so much work to do in fish farming, but the good results are worth the hard work. Stay inspired guys!

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