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Is it Possible to Grow Cool-Season Products in Tropical Season?

Gardening is a rewarding hobby. Flower growers can see the beauty of their labors all summer long. The vegetable growers also get a great reward. But growing cool-season vegetables can be challenging for farmers in tropical areas, however one gardener I know showed me how he grows his lettuce in spite the kind of season we have in the country. Read on as I share the tips with you so you can start your lettuce garden right.

A friend of mine who has been growing lettuce for quite some time showed us his lettuce plantation and his ways of doing it amazes me. He did it well and right given the warm temperature we have in the city. Lettuce is a cool-season product, basically suited in cold places, but he found ways on how to grow it, though challenging.

The very technique he adopted is the hydroponic kind of gardening. Vegetables grown on water are a lot more better than those grown on soil according to Joel. One good reason is that, hydroponic gardening is way cleaner since there is no need to put some chemicals once you set it up already. How did he go about it? Watch the vlog for details.

Hydroponic growth leads to an increase in production over traditional farming in two ways. For one, hydroponic gardening just plain saves space. Plants can be placed much more closely together than in traditional fields; as many as four times as many plants can be grown in the space using hydroponic techniques as opposed to traditional methods. Secondly, hydroponics eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional farming that leads to sickly, damaged, or wasted crops. The fear of soil-based diseases is eliminated, because, of course, there is no soil. These two factors come together to make hydroponics an extremely efficient method of food production.

Tiny plants are sprouting, ready to be transferred to the cup
Roots growing out and has direct access to the water
A full grown lettuce with roots sprouting out from the cup
The sunlight receive by the plants regulated with this kind of roofing

This garden which just started as a hobby for him after retiring from his work has now turned into an income generating.

There are promising results in aquaponic gardening! If you are interested on starting your own, watch the video for more details.

Happy farming!

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