Harvesting and Transferring Fish the Safest Way

Moving into a new tank or aquarium can be stressful for fish. There are a few essential things we need to consider so that the fish can survive in the new environment. Here are some tips on how to make a safer and painless transfer;

1. Make sure the fishes have grown enough and are in their proper size for the new environment.

2. Do not feed them for at least one day. Letting them fast for a day needs to be done so that when carried in the plastic bags, they will not die of indigestion because of a full stomach.

3. Make sure the fish gets the right amount of oxygen they need while being carried to a new tank or aquarium.

4. Do the transfer as quickly as you can so that the fish will not get stress.

5. Make sure to acclimatize the fish for 10 minutes before releasing to the new tank or aquarium so that they will be able to adapt to their new environment.

So those are the important things I always consider when it is harvesting and transferring time for my fish. We may differ in some ways or another but those tips I shared with you are the ones that best work for me. If you have some good practices in harvesting and transferring your fish too, please do share them in the comment box below so that other readers will learn as well.

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