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Basic Knowledge if You Want to Enjoy Your Betta Fish for a Longer Time

Keeping fish as pets takes more than just feeding them and changing the water every once in a while. Sadly, many people aren’t aware of that and they just buy aquarium fish because they’re attractive. After a short while the fish start to get sick and die one after the other, and the newbie would lose interest in the hobby and give it up all together.

Basic knowledge of fish keeping, together with the right aquarium supplies, is crucial to the livelihood and longevity of your fish. It’s important to maintain the optimum living conditions for your fish and other living things you may have in your aquarium if you are to enjoy them for a long time.

One of the tropical fish I’m so fascinated about is the Betta fish. Though they are not easy to pet, their beauty, specially when placed in the right aquarium, can somewhat ease the tiredness from work when I look at them. Petting betta has many things to consider, one is the tank you will placed them at, the food to feed them and the quality of water to keep them in shape. For more details of breeding and petting betta fish, you may visit our youtube channel – Dexter’s World.

Dirty water, untreated new water, fluctuating water temperatures, and trauma from being moved frequently during water changes were some of the factors that contributed to the fish’s low resistance to diseases.

Although it’s acceptable to keep bettas in relatively small containers without aeration, it would be much better to put them in a tank of at least 2 gallons, and you would still need to observe certain basic things such as not feeding them too much and setting aside new water to equilibrate the temperature and remove chlorine prior to water changes.

Happy farming!

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