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Growing Fish and Plants Together

You might be asking, “should I have live plants in my fish tanks?” The answer is absolutely a YES. Do you know that live plants make all the difference in fish farming? Find out the benefits of growing them together with your fish. So, read on.

So how do live plants work? Live plants provide the fish a natural food source. By far  the biggest benefit that live plants provide for your aquarium is that they produce oxygen (O2) and absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3) that the fish generate. All kinds or types of fish need live plants but not all live plants are compatible with all types of live plants. Why? Because, bigger fish like Kois, Oscars and Flower Horns are plant eaters. If live plants are put together with them, chances are, they will consume all plants in the tank. So it is a matter of setting up the tank in a way that is most convenient for you.

For the plant eater fish, I place the live plants in a separate tank. Water from the fish pond is pumped to the plants. Plants absorb the nutrient rich water and then filtered water returned to the fish pond, clean.

There is also an advantage if fish tank is placed outside because the plants can get enough vitamins from the sunlight and they can grow well. When it comes to putting live plants in the indoor aquarium, you can use led light instead. The growth of the plants in the aquarium depends on the light for survival. That being said, you must also keep in mind that too much light can cause problems, too.

I use the Daylight led light for my indoor aquarium. Daylight provides light spectrum similar to the sunlight and helps the plants grow.

As I have mentioned early on, plants and fish have incompatibilities too. Small fish like Zebra, Tetra, Molly and Angelfish are the kinds that can be compatible in the planted aquarium.

The Mollies together with live plants in the tank. Aside from the oxygen, live plants also provide the fish a hiding place or habitat

Some more benefits of live plants in the fish pond and aquarium is that, they can help in the digestion of the fish and the ecosystem which they live. Aside from being an oxygen provider, plants can be a hiding place of the fish too. Plants also reduce the carbon dioxide in the water more than any devices to keep the water oxygenated, allowing the fish to have everything they need to function perfectly. In addition, plants help in the algae reduction. Plants in the tank will use all the nutrients, their roots are strong enough to absorb everything, so there will not be enough nutrients for the algae to thrive and survive.

These live plants helped a lot in the filtration system of my fish tank. In the same way, they also get the carbon dioxide from the waste of the fish, which makes them grow healthier

There can be more advantages and benefits of putting live plants in the pond or aquarium. I have proven it myself!

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