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The Basics to a Sustainable Quail Farming

Sustaining a Quail Farm is way easier if you know the basics of quail farming. Today, I am excited to update everyone of my quail farm and how sustainable it has been. You can also watch the vlog I made about it here Quail Farming and Sustaining it

If you thought starting quail farming entails a significant amount of money, you thought wrong. You can start small! A 200 layer quail is a good start. The 200 layer quail will become productive after 45 days- this simply means that you will start earning an income in 45 days time and onward. You will start another batch of layers then, and the expenses of second batch layers can now be taken cared of by the income from the first batch layers and the process goes on and on. Your quail farm will now be a self-sustaining one, no need to borrow money as capital. That’s just what I did!

In photo are the new cages for the new batch of quails.

Today, I have 8 batches of layer quails in different ages. The oldest batch is 8 months old and the youngest batch is just 2 weeks old. I’m doing this because it is beneficial that there is different batches of layers since there are certain time in the life of a quail when egg production becomes dormant. When there are different batches of layers, the phenomenon will not significantly affect the production since the rest of the layers are still giving enough produce.

To cater the different batches of layers, you need to prepare their cages as well. You need not spend too much anyway because just like how I manage to construct my cages made of plywood and green screens, I was able to house quite a number of layers. Of course, should you opt to build a concrete cages, that will be a lot better for the layer quails.

I have collected 200 eggs

One important thing to remember to sustain quail farming is the egg production- there has to be a continuity in the egg production so there are chicks as well. In cases of unexpected death of the layers, having breeders will keep you from losing everything you started.

Aside from egg production, I am thinking of selling breeders to my loyal followers. For the prices, you can visit the pet store and check it out.

My two weeks old chicks
In photo is a male quail chick- the dark or brown color in the chest is an indication of the quail’s sex. The female, on the other hand does not have such color.

You might ask how do I produce chicks? That I will share with you in our next videos, so keep notified! There you have it guys, I hope I inspired you today. Thank you for visiting this blog. Happy Farming!

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