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Transferring Chicks the Right and Safest Way

Quail Farming business is easy and entertaining being the smallest species of poultry bird.

In our previous blogs, we have discussed one of the challenges in quail farming- the stage where quail egg production becomes dormant and they have to be culled. What to do when this season in quail farming begins? Well, we cannot stop this stage from not coming, but we can make necessary preparations at the onset. More information about what to do to prepare for the culling stage is detailed in this video SUSTAINABLE QUAIL FARMING

In this article, we will learn about quail chicks and how to transfer them from the incubator to brooding cage. One common mistakes the quail farmers commit is the improper way of transferring the chicks from incubator to the brooding cage, which leads to death of the chicks. We can’t let that happen, right? Therefore, we need to do the transferring the right and the safest way. Let me walk you through the process of transferring.

  • In transferring the chicks, it is important to maintain the temperature inside from the incubator to the brooding cage.

In order for the eggs to hatch, the 100 degree Fahrenheit should be maintained. Same goes to the brooding cage. We can use an incandescent bulb to make sure the temperature inside the cage is maintained. The bulb provides heat and can be used as incubator. The incubation period will last for a period of five days. After 5 days the temperature can now be reduced by removing one of the bulbs in the cage. Out of three bulbs, we can remove one bulb by then and replace it with a led bulb which provides lesser heat. from 100 degree, the temperature then is at 80-70 degress. After another five days, the other 2 bulbs can be replaced with led bulb, by then, the temperature gets lower. in a period of 15 days, all the light bulbs can be removed and the chicks can now be transferred to a layer cage.

For the newly hatched chicks we can use the baby stag booster in any brand. I’m not promoting any brand but I’m using the Thunderbird brand. This booster is good for a day old chick up until 5 days old. After 5 days feeding, a chick starter food can be added or mix with the booster. When all your layer quails start laying eggs, the mixing of starter feeds can already be stopped. I have proven this to be effective.

  • It’s important to provide them with clean water.
This cage measure 4 feet by 3 feet and 1 foot in height. This can accommodate 180 layers. Details of the cage are discussed in the video.

So there you have it guys, I hope this blog serves your guide in the transferring of your chicks. Happy Farming!

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