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Those Opportunities and Privileges in Life that One Should’t Miss

This life is not all about money or what you have, but how you made an impact in others’ lives by extending help.

Today’s blog is a review of a vlog I uploaded on youtube a year ago. A friend of mine who is selling and breeding tropical fish has a daughter with asthma. He requested us to visit his house for a purpose of selling his fishes to buy medicine for his daughter. They reside far from the city, so every time his daughter’s asthma is triggered, Neil has to run to the city to bring his daughter to the hospital to nebulize.

To be of helped to the family, I went to his house to see his fishes and buy some of them. We won’t be buying everything so he will have something left for him to breed for his daily needs. This is my little way of helping him get through this trying times of his life. After all, the only thing that matters is not what we have kept for our selves but what we have shared with others.

Neil is married to Abigael who stays at home to take care of the child while he finds for a way to sustain the family’s daily needs. Selling fishes is one source of income of the family, but the day to day income never suffice the daily expenses of the family. During our visit to the house, Niel’s wife made mention of wanting to start a sari-sari store to augment their income. It’s my desire as well to help them find another means to sustain their everyday needs including the maintenance of the child. There can be more people in the world who are capable enough to provide assistance to the family, I was privileged enough to be chosen. I always see helping as one of those opportunities and privileges in life, simply because doing so gives so much joy and gladness to the heart – something that money can’t buy.

Keep posted for our next blog as I share with you what we did next to be of help to the family.

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