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Update on My Fish Tank and Multi-Color Candy Betta Fish Breeder

Starting a business or project is one thing, keeping it running successfully is another issue. Here’s a blog to update you of what has been going on lately.

With the desire to give the best for our fishes, I gave it time lately to do some improvement with our backyard fish farm. With the help of some friends, we have built a bigger pond to accommodate more fishes and benefit our aquatic plants. This is some sort of an innovation like never been done before. Of course, I will keep you posted with this one as I go along.

This is the new pond we have constructed, measured 6 ft wide, 2 ft high and 27 ft in length.

Half of the pond will be filled with stones with gravels underneath them and our aquatic plants on top. We will also be installing a canopy to at least give our plants a little shade when it is too hot. Algae is one problem we might encounter in growing aquatic plants, but I was informed that this can be solved by having tadpoles around since they feed themselves with algae. I was amazed by the fact that we do not need some kind of inorganic solutions to get rid of algae!

Let me also give you a glance of our breeder Betta fish which we shall feature in our upcoming vlogs. Meantime, I have 15 breeders of Betta and from time to time we will be checking on them since they are just placed in small containers. I am giving them live food and changing their water daily. And yes, these breeders have already produced babies.

One principle I admire about breeding Betta fish is the process of acquaintance, where female betta meets the male betta fish. This and more about breeding betta fish are featured in my previous vlogs, I hope you’ll take some time to browse and watch them and learn the principles that might be applicable to you.

I have also plans to breed my Zebra fishes soon. As you all know, Zebra fish needs to be in a tank filled with aquatic plants because they are egg spawners. They also make use of the plants as their hiding place when laying eggs. It is also good to use rain water for the breeding tank when breeding betta or tetra fish.

So there you have it guys, I will surely update you for some more significant innovations we will make in the coming days. For the love of fish farming!

Keep posted of some available fish farming items. Check my website and find what you need.

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