Ducks and Layer Poultry Farming

Most poultry farm business are for egg production purposes. They may be for that family to eat or even for them to sale. Poultry farms are very popular and they are given quality foods to eat and care so that they will grow like they should. You will find plenty of activity taking place at a poultry farm. They are noisy animals as this is how they interact with each other. They develop their own hierarchy and so they will determine their own peaking order there.

If you guys are contemplating on starting a small poultry farm business, read on. I suggest you also watch our vlog about our visit in the poultry farm so will get ideas direct from the poultry farm expert. This blog will teach us how to be cautious so we won’t have sick ducks and chicken.

Egg layers chicken
The chicken need to be supplied with enough water. In photo is the pipe where water is provided for them. Watch the video for the details.

Poultry farm business is such a good business to start since the markets are in demand of these products. But of course, before you start one, make sure you already have the strategies and knowledge to raise such kinds of animals.

The poultry farmer, to be successful, must be educated in poultry diseases

You’ll want to know the signs of poultry disease long before you require the services of a veterinarian. Remember the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Birds can contract diseases from rodents, dead birds, contaminated feed bags, and unclean housing.

Another of the commonly overlooked poultry diseases is heat stress. Not only will egg production drop, but the condition is quite uncomfortable and taxing on the poor bird. Signs of heat stress are extended legs and wings, panting, appetite loss, and extra water intake. If you find your coop exhausted, wet the roof of the coop and water down their sitting logs. To prevent heat stress in the future, paint the top of the roof white, to reflect heat, and invest in a fog-maker. Feed your birds in the evening, as they’ll be more inclined to eat in the cooler hours.

Remember that poultry diseases should be promptly be evaluated by a veterinarian familiar with birds. Poultry diseases can hurt you and your family members, your income and of course, the birds. Prevention is always the best course of action. Get the birds vaccinated beforehand, to reduce the chances of infection and enhance the chances of your poultry farm’s success.

Thanks for taking time to read. Please share the ideas with others so they will get a share of ideas as well. Happy farming!

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