How are you doing in this time of pandemic? I hope you are all well and in good shape while staying at home or working from home. I know and understand everyone’s fears, human as we are, it is inevitable to feel afraid of what’s ahead of us considering the losses we experienced from this pandemic. But, it does not mean we are gonna stay in fear, we can choose to be hopeful and take some time off from all the news around. I also make it a point to bring encouragement and inspiration to people in my own little ways. If you’re interested with breeding and growing chicks, you are in the right page and you can view vlog here 500 CHICKS AS FUTURE BREEDERS

To everyone who have been watching my vlogs, thank you so much for your tireless support.

Today, I’m happy to inform everyone that we just hatched arounfd 200 chicks in the barn. I showed you in the previous video the barn in the farm whcich is good for a day old chicks but I didn’t expect we would run out of space real soon. So to accommodate other newly hatched chicks, we made another brooding coop which measure 2 feet wide and 2 feet long with an elevation from the ground of about 2 feet long as well. This new brooding coop is made of light materials- Plywood and and miscut wood to be exact.


A good brooding area and a constant monitoring of the chicks’ health is the key to growth and survival of the chicks. To keep a healthy chicks, consider the following;

  • Keep away from potential predators and cold drafts. This area should be in a location where you have easy access to it in order to give them care and check on them regularly.
  • Provide a heater for your particular brooder. A light bulb is good one.
  • A feeding and drinking area.
  • Let them stay for a period of 10 days in the brooding coop before transferring to the farm
  • Have them vaccinated before releasing on the ground.
  • Do not put together the new chicks with the older ones
  • As your chicks grow, you will need to clean the brooder on a regular basis to prevent disease.


As you are planning to start your own farm, you might ask which one is better. Is it the barn type, or is it the brooding cage type? Both are good and they both have advantages and disadvantages. If you want to learn more, I have included this concern in this vlog 500 CHICKS AS FUTURE BREEDERS.


Cross breeding technically refers to mating two or more breeds. One of the major good results of cross breeding is that they exhibit strengths of all breeds from which they descend. We have tried cross breeding in the farm and the outcomes were great. In terms of size, they compete with the pure breed ones. Details of the results are included in the vlog. They exhibit good physical features too. Seeing the good results of cross breeding, we are envisioning of doing another cross breeding in the future.

To all of you who have started the farm, I encourage you to just keep going, don’t give up on your dream farm. To all who are still planning to start, I hope you have gathered all the needed information and resources there is to finally jump start.

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