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Help me make Mae-mae feel better.

Mae-mae’s Story

I went to the house of Josephine, the mother of Mae-mae.  They are my clients in the Commission of Human Rights.  Mae-mae had been a victim of sexual abuse that is why I had an acquaintance with the family.  I am also checking her physical conditions and I am really concerned about her personal needs.

She can discern and she can express herself to others but she cannot talk well. I also pity her because she has been using diaphers and the mother have been very anxious about the future of her daughter especially now that she is growing up.

That is why I went and listened to their little wish and request and to find out how I can uplift their situation in my own little way.  One of their request is a Television set because Mae-mae really likes to watch her favorite TV shows.

They are settling near the barangay hall because of the help of the Barangay chairman.  Barangay chairman Joel provided a small house where they can rest and sleep.  Very often, Mae-mae is left alone and because she can barely move, she needs to use adult diaphers to support her personal needs.

I made it my mission to help her as much as I can.  I gave her a blue-beta fish because I realized that she likes fishes too.   At least, this can help her feel better in her lonely times.

The groceries I gave to them are just temporary and minor thing.  I know I can do more and I am always willing to do more to make her feel better.

I am happy that I had this opportunity to help and it really feels good to make an impact to another person’s life.

I am passionate to kids with this kind of condition because I also have a special kid, a daughter who is autistic.

I know someday that the generous acts we have extended to mae-mae will be rewarded.  If you think you are capable and would like to extend your help to Mae-mae, please make a donation.  I will make sure that your donation will be used for the purpose it was sent.

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